Unlock Abundance: The Power of Gratitude

Monday, June 03, 2024

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Unlocking Abundance with Gratitude

Gratitude is more than a practice of saying "thank you!" This transformative practice reshapes our minds and opens us up to a life of abundance. All the "thinking to grow rich" and "law of attraction manifestations" don't do jack crap without gratitude.

Do you have that friend who makes all the money you want, dates the people you wish you could ask out, drives a care you're jealous of, and seems to have it all? Yet when you talk to them, they wish they didn't have to work so much, could find someone to settle down with, are annoyed of taking their car to the mechanic to maintain parts, oh and the rent in their nice high rise downtown keeps going up?

Then you have the other friend who makes less than you do, has 2 kids, an older car, and you think they'd be miserable trying to make ends meet, yet they're genuinely happy not having more responsibilities beyond their family and home?

As a mentor, trainer, and coach, I've seen how developing a deep sense of gratitude can shift perspectives from scarcity and jealousy to abundance and appreciation, influencing not only personal satisfaction but also enhancing your professional success and personal relationships.

"Gratitude transforms scarcity into abundance."

When was the last time being jealous brought you more joy and satisfaction? Sure, it can be the start and signal that "something needs to change." Though the actual feelings of jealousy and envy won't help you create the life you want for yourself. Gratitude profoundly impacts your psychological well-being by decreasing envy and increasing our overall sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Jealousy won't get you in summer beach body shape.
Jealousy won't get you closer to God or find your purpose.
Jealousy won't help you have more sex with your partner.
Jealousy won't get you out from under your college debt.

Jealousy and envy can be used as a signal to seek gratitude.

Be grateful that you have the ability to move your body because one day, you'll lose it.
Be grateful for your ability to pursue your purpose rather than be forced to live a life others dictate to you.
Be grateful that you have someone to care about where you feel the need to be protective.
Be grateful for the opportunity to work your way into any job you want and not one that the government assigns to you (yeah, that's a real thing).

Regular gratitude practice of can significantly reduce envy, bitterness, and resentment, allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of your life. We've all been there. Jealous of a friend's raise and new car. Jealous of our partner's exes. Jealous of the "wait, they did what?" next door neighbor whose business, similar to yours, took off while yours floundered.

It happens and will continue to happen because you're not special.

Because you're not special here, you can implement things that others, like myself, have done to combat jealousy. By acknowledging the good around you, you notice the little things you typically miss. Like that wrinkle on your spouse's nose when they laugh, the taste of your coffee when you're not in a rush to the office, the car you forget to clean because it's now a tool rather than the freedom your 16 year old self was looking forward to. Gratitude can chemically (legally!) enhance our mood. Gratitude helps us navigate life's challenges with grace, building a buffer against stress and adversity. You're eventually going to experience hardships, may as well get something out of it.

"Seeking the good makes the good apparent."

Embracing gratitude not only uplifts your sense of wellness, it also contributes to better physical health, leading to a more active and fulfilled life. More activity means more health, more health means more to enjoy as you age — yes, you're getting older and not getting younger.

When you are grateful for and use your body to it's fullest capabilities — yes, I'm going to tell you to hit the gym) you increase your immune functions and can't use a virus as an excuse to stay indoors.

When you're grateful for you body and your ability to laugh at a great joke, run with your dog, lift with your friends, hug your wife/husband and kids, you are more motivated to engage in those activities and less likely to succumb to harmful habits. Your body listens to your thoughts so express gratitude for your health.

"You will do whatever it takes to protect what you love. Starting with yourself."

Gratitude not only enriches the individual practicing it but also strengthens and deepens connections with others, creating a supportive and positive community. If you want to change the world or even just the world around you, it starts with your mindset towards yourself.
Keeping a gratitude journal or texting 3 people daily about how you are grateful, genuinely grateful, for something they have done in your life can calm your mind down as you begin or end the day. No one ever felt bad giving or receiving a genuine compliment. If you want "more" from others, start by giving more.

Grateful individuals tend to draw more positive people and experiences toward themselves, enhancing their social interactions. When was the last time you noticed that "birds of a feather flock together?" Ever see a millionaire hang out with the people flipping burgers? That's not a knock on anyone who works an honest job though it's a fact that we hang out with people in our similar situations.

Appreciating what we have reduces the need to compare ourselves to others, which is often a source of discontent and jealousy.  Now that we have gone over the tool you need, let's talk about how we use gratitude to combat jealousy and envy.

"Gratitude is the foundation upon which a great life is built."

Transforming jealousy into gratitude can lead to significant shifts in mindset, fostering a sense of contentment and personal growth.
Understanding what triggers jealousy can help us focus on what we truly value and turn those feelings into opportunities for gratitude. Instead of envying others' success or happiness, gratitude encourages us to celebrate their achievements and find inspiration in them. Gratitude helps reframe our worldview, promoting satisfaction with our own life and reducing the impulses of envy and dissatisfaction.

"Transform envy into admiration through the lens of gratitude."

By embracing gratitude and weaving it into our daily lives, we can overcome jealousy, enhance our mental and physical well-being, and improve our relationships. As your coach, I encourage you to start with simple practices: maintain a gratitude journal, consciously express your appreciation to others, and reflect on the positive changes these habits bring to your life.

"Let gratitude lead the way to a life defined by abundance, not scarcity."

​Through understanding and applying the principles of gratitude, we open the door to a richer, more fulfilling existence, free from the constraints of jealousy and negativity. Start this transformative journey today and witness the profound impact gratitude can have on every aspect of your life.

To the light inside you,
​​Laurence | KandL Founder

These notes are a summary of 11+ years of experience in mental healthcare, sales failures, marketing lessons, and life experiences to help you transform your thoughts to work for you rather than against you. 

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- Laurence

KandL | Founder

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