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Principles for Life

Uncover Faith Forward PRINCIPLES to succeed IN LIFE AND WORK

"The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble."
— Harrington Emerson

Is this how your life is shaping out?

  • You feel like you can't get out of the debt trap...
  • You can't find the time to do anything for yourself...
  • You're frustrated that your relationships are "good" but something is missing...
  • You believe everyone except you has it all figured out...

Is this how you want your life to be?

  • You don't want to "request" time off to live.
  • You want to enjoy life before you're too old to move around.
  • You want to find that spark, love, and sneak around like teenagers again?
  • You know you're meant for more than just punching a clock day in and day out.


Wondering how to "have it all" and maintain your sanity?

You may have followed all the rules and ticked off all the boxes,
but if you still feel like something is missing, you're not alone.

It's time to uncover the Biblical truth about what you really need...

What you want beyond societal expectations.

Let us show you how to make bold changes and find true happiness and fulfillment.

Are you ready to discover what's been missing?

Learn the principles and laws designed for you to live better, love generously, and create wealth.

Join us on this journey and step into the life you're meant to lead.

You're here because

your life has turned into suffering.

Let me guess how your day goes...

​You're unpleasantly shocked by your 6am alarm blaring in your ear and you immediately dread "another day..."

​You hit snooze another 3-5x, hoping to suddenly win the lottery or inherit millions from a long lost great grandparent between now and when you get up because "money will solve all my problems..."

​You get up, dressed, and pack some random mishmash of what's available in the fridge because you haven't had enough time to even order groceries for delivery...

​​You get to play traffic fighter and spend an hour driving to an empty office that no one works in because "we're a family and work culture is important!"

"... wait, did I acknowledge my actual family on the way out?"

​You "work" for 8 hours building someone else's dream, dodging Janet in accounting, Karen in billing, Bill in HR, and the endless trail of coworkers who want to talk about their 5 cats and the latest celebrity gossip getting them nowhere in life...

​Then you're finally free!

​Free to spend another hour in rush hour traffic, get home and bum it on the couch watching that same show you've already seen 10x as you get to prepare for "another day."

​​... and this is supposed to be normal?

You're tired of waking up on someone else's time.

You are dragging through your day and life.

You've read too many self-help books that have become "shelf-help."

You're tired of the flood of mindset and life advice on social media that seems to miss the mark on your experience.

You're left feeling like nobody truly understands your struggles - lost and lacking meaning in the sea of conflicting information overload.

If you're nodding along, I know what you're about to ask

"So what am I supposed to do?!"

The truth is...

The solution has always been within you.

My role as a coach and guide is to illuminate the path I and others have taken for you to test.

It's up to you to see what works for you.

​With KandL, you will train your thoughts to work for you rather than against you so you can experience less stress, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, appreciate your work again, and focus on what truly matters in your life.

You don't have a purpose.
​You lack focus and clarity.
​Your priorities are out of whack!

​You don't believe that you can have it all and it's because you use excuses like...

"There is never enough money!"
​"I don't have time for any of this!"
​"No one else is putting in the effort I do!"

​It always seems like everyone else has it figured out and you're barely getting by, right?

​Our programs offer that lighthouse of hope that you have been searching for to transform your stress into success. The solution lies just below, waiting for you to embark on your empowering journey.

​It's time to unlock your potential and create the positive change you have been seeking in your life and world.

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I'm Laurence!
Mental Health Mentor,
Mindset Coach,
KandL Founder.

Over the past 11+ years, I have been training and coaching clients, managers, directors, and everyone in-between to challenge the conventional way of thinking about success.

I'm here to prove that your job, degree, the university you did or did not attend, does not define your success.

Plenty of unhappy people have an Ivy League degree just as plenty of people with degrees from "where did you go?" universities live happy and fulfilled lives.

It is up to you to live right now with the lessons from your past to create something that your future self will thank you for.

All you have is the present and even that is now in the past!

I have proven that no matter your age, what you studied, what you know, what you want in life...

If you have drive, are willing to take a chance on you, and can imagine a better tomorrow, then I am EXCITED to have you come along this journey to transform your thoughts and create the life you want for yourself, your family, and your legacy.

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Proven Outcomes


"Mentoring with Laurence was a new journey. He isn't like a typical "feel good tell you what you need to calm down" kinda mentor. He is a little blunt and can get tough though you know it's with passion when you see how much he cares."

Hester S. | Previous Client


"Laurence's leadership has helped me figure out how to stop living up to my parent's wants and desires. I stopped comparing myself to my [siblings] and finally can breathe knowing I'm living life for me."

Stacey L. | Previous Client


"Laurence is a master at building relationships and can communicate to where you are no matter how low you may feel. His ability to reach out and empathize with you is why I'm going to miss working with him."

Miguel O. | Previous Client

Due to HIPAA, names have been changed to protect client identities.

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